Multi-Platform Store Operations


Each store, whether brand, Tmall, or other marketplace, has a dedicated operations team who act as business owners for your store and are encouraged to do so with an entrepreneurial spirit. The operations team is generally made up of two different functions, lead by one store manager who is responsible for the overall sales performance of the store:

  • Merchandising – Inventory maintenance, replenishment planning, product reporting, product updating and overall store maintenance
  • Site Content Management – Coordination and communication with brand marketing team to execute strategy and design

Particularly in regards to Tmall, where the product upload and promotion execution process is extremely manual, the operations team is crucial in the daily upkeep and maintenance of product inventory as well as campaign application and planning for major Tmall promotions, such as Single’s Day.

At Baozun, we believe our store operations team is a crucial link to the success of your brand’s online store. Because they closely monitor all the activities of the store, from types of customer service questions to reasons for returns, best sellers and product feedback, they fully understand the nuances of your business and can be an invaluable resource to your continued success.