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Different from traditional concepts including customer care, after-sales services and call centers, Baozun’s customer services boast a new generation of technology-empowered, e-commerce branding-oriented capacities. In addition to general customer consultation, after-sales services and complaints, we have placed greater emphasis on consumer-brand interaction so that brands can gain direct access to consumers and better understand them.
2400+ CS Staff
Serving all major channels
including Tmall,,
Douyin, PDD, Little Red Book
and official websites
Multi-regional Operation Centers
Shanghai, Nantong, Hefei,
An’qing, Ji’nan, Hong Kong and
Full-chain Customer Services

Combining services before,

during and after sales, O2O

coordination, livestreaming services,


3-Tiered strategy incubation services

Ensure the complete structure of the operational system with unified standards, while properly handling new brands and business by establishing a talent pool from the industrial dimension; customized service teams could be provided based on the concrete scopes of business and cultural requirements of brands in order to address their demands accurately.

120 millionAnnual number of consultancy handled
3XPromotion campaigns’ capacity
160+types of KPIs
Core standards and empowerment
  • Customer service system, basic training, management system
  • Resource solutions, program construction, intelligent tools
  • Customer management and maintenance, demand analysis, settlement
Industrial talent pool
  • Establish long-term development pathways for employees
ndependent operation & Demand-based building for brands
  • Office and team culture echoing brand positioning
  • Customized KPI requirement and management
COPC Standardized
Professional Management
Customer Operations Performance Centre (COPC)’s customer experience standards are a set of internationally recognized norms on customer service performance and management. Since 2021, Baozun has been investing in long-term cooperation with the Center to establish an industrial example. It continues to cultivate customer service staffs that are accredited to empower brand service.
How to determine the target level of performance and the achievement of continuous improvement
Make improvement plans with a structural mentality
Identify key drivers of customer experience


Practical trainingEmployee developmentQuality controlCustomer service resource managementWork order management

S-ANY management system

Manage customer service staffs in an intelligent, visualized and real-time manner to ensure high-quality services and timely feedbacks.

Training cycle
Efficiency boosted via data monitoring
Customer satisfaction
8 industrial institutes established
20+ temporary customer service venues and resource suppliers
5000+ part-time staffs more than tripling the service capacity

Customer Service Staff System

Multi-regional decentralized planning for more flexible resource allocation; develop a model combining industry with education to establish industrial institutes; build a talent pool and become an HR partner of brands

High qualityFast response
Average solution rate
Exclusive cooperation with mainstream platforms
Mature operation of AI training team

Intelligent Customer Services

Evolving toward AI-based digital operation, customer service is becoming wider and deeper. Intelligent technologies can support a full range of customer services from before to after sales in order to reduce manpower cost while improving efficiency.

Solve repetitiveness in jobs in batchesAutomation taking the place of manpower 1:1
300+ Customized applications
Covering all major platforms
Over 25% of manpower for repetitive jobs replaced

RPA Scenario Base Coverage

Achieve automated operation in batches based on the intelligent simulation and element capture capacities; handle repetitive after-sales jobs to improve efficiency.


Customer service center

Multi-Regional Resources

During the promotion campaign, some of the places experienced lockdowns due to COVID-19. The decentralized resources allocation has enabled fast interconnectivity between bases to increase risk resilience and ensure the successful delivery of the promotion.

S-ANY Empowerment Management

S-ANY monitored the status and quality of customer services in a real-time manner to ensure the sitemility and quality of services while we worked at home. On the training of remote customer service staffs, S-ANY provided video courses, online tests and pragmatic practices laying a solid foundation for multi-regional operation.

Massive application of RPA automated task scenarios to reduce pressure during and after sales;Reducing 45% of the repetitive jobs during sales and order servicesReport data extraction & order detail presentationUsers’ comments in batches/ by invitation, order remarks
Intelligent customer service
Undertaking 77% of the customer service workload, with satisfaction boosted by 120% within a monthIndustrial-leading service quality consistently ranking among the Top 3Adopting flexible launch strategies to counter impacts from customer loss and traffic fluctuations