Digital marketing

We are the expert in sales-oriented marketing and leading practitioner of brand and marketing integration.

We delve into customer behavior data in various circumstances by taking brand business strategy as starting point and the development of the customer life cycle as target. With big data as core and salable ideas as weapons, we provide seamless and Omni-close-loop experience for consumers, and make brand customers life cycle continue to grow and thrive. 

Our digital marketing team has over 100 employees in five core departments: media planning/buying, social and content marketing, creative development and consumer data center. We aim to provide Omni-marketing services for brand customers that range from strategy output to implementation.

Service scope

Digital marketing business division constructs Omni-marketing services through multiple dimensions including market insight, big data application, media strategy and buying, brand marketing activities, content marketing and Omni-channel CRM to help brands improve ROI.

The「Omni-」digital marketing service of Baozun

Media planning

  • Marketing strategy establishment based on business
  • Consumer insight with the basis of big data
  • Integration of media, creativities and operation experience
  • Better understanding of brands and sales

Media buying

  • Media buying experts in the level of 4A media agents
  • Hundreds of millions of investment in the amount of advertising
  • Media strategy thinking from the point of brands
  • Result-oriented media buying evaluation

Social and content marketing

  • A first accredited MCN institution
  • Content marketing which can be digitized
  • Exclusive PGC live program of Baozun
  • Serving over 50 international brands’ e-commerce

Creative development

  • 1000㎡ photo studio
  • Over 30 vision photography teams
  • Shooting experience for over 100 customers
  • Senior design teams from advertising agencies

Big data marketing

  • A first service provider accredited by data bank
  • SHOPCAT— Omni-channel consumer operation of Baozun
  • Ali Uni-CRM development partner
  • Top data modelling and arithmetic capability

Core competitiveness

[Service partner with full-round ecological accreditation]— by Alibaba

A first comprehensive content agency accredited by Alibaba

A first service provider accredited by data bank

development partner

Moment of glory

Famous for brand and marketing integration

Two Oscars in marketing industry and e-commerce industry

Excellent case

【One-stop】marketing solution customization from strategy making to specific implementation

case 1

NBA China from the hottest hit to the best seller·Decide products via marketing

  • Epic IP of Kobe Final Match
  • brings enormous business potential.
  • It only takes NBA China 40 days to complete the process from design confirming, manufacturing to selling out of Kobe commemorative T-shirts.
case 2

Shanghai Jahwa Consumer Fishing Plan·Databank Scene Marketing

  • Seamlessly lock consumer experience routes by taking contents as the bait and data as the net. Utilize data bank to achieve 3 major innovative marketing and to fully boost brand’s integrated operation of baiting, fishing and reproducing.