Young and energetic, we encourage innovation and love to hear diverse insights.

Calm and composed as we are, we more value fearlessness and courage. We come from different backgrounds but have same qualities: passion, creativity, denial of mediocrity, openness and inclusiveness. We are gathering together for pursuing meaningful achievements.

Join Baozun

Within ten years, Baozun has developed from a start-up firm with a couple of co-founders into a listed company of thousands of employees. Not only because we have common goals but, more importantly, common values: responsibility, initiative, honesty, coordination and innovation. These values are the cohesion of our spiritual quality over a decade and will continue to guide us to a brighter future.

The ever-changing and unpredictable market brings enormous opportunities, exciting and challenging simultaneously. At Baozun, we advocate “enjoying work, loving life” through various activities, which help all the working staff to develop friendships, cultivate hobbies and relieve stress. Work hard and play hard!

We care about our employees and their family. We know behind each hard-working individual, there is a supportive family, and thus we will invite all families to have fun on our annual “Family Day”. Baozun is honored to share such warm and touching moments with them.

Join Baozun

There is a long way to go and we still have a lot to do together. No matter who you are: a graduate fresh from college, a veteran in the workplace, or a diligent fighter who spares no effort to start your own business, you are very much welcome to join us as long as you are starry-eyed, as long as you have a dream.

Come on! Join Baozun and grow with us!

JOB DESCRIPTIONFive types of positions always available


What will you be able to experience within a year? Here are some: job rotation in every brand store, point-to-point training plus one-to-one teaching and experience sharing by e-commerce veterans. You will be able to learn the truth behind the rapidly developing e-commerce through sales promotions on June 18th and November 11th.
Are you ready to grow from a green hand to a master of business?

What will you be able to learn within six months? System framework of e-commerce work flow, software developing and testing, e-commerce platform requirement analysis, software design, or R&D of trendsetting high tech products and smart robots.... Your codes will bring changes to millions of businesses and hundreds of millions of consumers; your design will be the highlight on the screens of computers and mobile phones of global users; your algorithm will be a potential brain for the future commercial world....
Are you ready?

We offer you precious opportunities of self-development. You may start as a green hand, but what we value more is your diligence and reliability. Digital marketing, store operation, human resources, storage and logistics...
Trust you will find the fields that suits you the best.