Recently, the Ministry of Commerce has announced the name list of "2017 - 2018 annual e-commerce demonstration enterprises”. Baozun is included. This is the second reward for Baozun after being listed among the "Shanghai E-commerce model enterprises".

It is reported that the selection by the Ministry of Commerce is in accordance with Creation Norms for E-commerce Demonstration Enterprises; experts and professional institutes are organized to conduct comprehensive assessment on 408 application documents. This assessment focuses on innovation and development in the following five aspects: e-commerce upgrading, the integration of e-commerce and traditional industry, e-commerce factor market construction, e-commerce public service innovation and e-commerce market environment optimization. Given assessment and e-commerce development level, finally 239 enterprises including Baozun are selected as the leading e-commerce demonstration enterprises of 2017-2018 by the Ministry of Commerce.

As the industry leader of brand e-business services, Baozun always upholds the concept of scientific and technological innovation to introduce new products and services. It is committed to upgrading e-commerce. On the one hand, Baozun continues to expand its core competitiveness in the fields of technical services, digital marketing strategy planning, big data applications , develops forward-looking technology, optimizes the allocation of resources and creates new advantages by quality and personalized business services. On the other hand, as a bridge between brands and consumers, Baozun has not only helps brands to deliver their brand value, but also works hard to meet the individual needs of consumers, bringing them better consumer experience. Over the past two years, Baozun has increased its pace and launched Omni-Channel with "shop dog" as the core and Omni-Marketing solution with digital marketing tools "shop cat" as the core, which help brands to achieve sales both online and offline and also help brands get through the whole link closed-loop marketing. Baozun assists brands to adapt to the new retail trends and brings a full range of brand consumer experience to consumers.

For a complete list, please see: Website of the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China