How popular has the automobile e-commerce become these days? You might couldn't imagine that on the very date of November 11, BYD flagship store had sold out all its off-price cars at 50% discount in merely 0. 001 seconds. And all large vouchers in the first round were gone within 5 seconds.

BYD e-buy official website, Wechat shopping mall and Tmall flagship store – these three platforms launched a joint sales promotion under the help of Baozun and achieved unexpected results of attracting more than 112,000 consumers in the Omni-channel snapping up online. During the promotion, the new seven-seat Song MAX with the design language of “Dragon Face” created by the Design Director Wolfgang Josef Egger exactly targeted at families who have planned for a second baby. With over 3000 online orders in total, Song MAX took the second place in the sales charts of Tmall Automobile Brands during the 2017 Double 11 Shopping Festival.

From June 18 to November 11, BYD’s success is more a long-time accumulation than a sudden rise. After two-year cooperation with Baozun, what makes BYD become a new energy auto leader with impressive strength in the field of Internet?

O2O Auto E-commerce System helps Online and Offline to be a Win-win

To create a complete ecological infrastructure for e-commerce means we need to build a closed loop of commodity production, marketing, payment and logistics. However, , almost all auto netrepreneurs’ online channels are based on information flow so far. The automobile industry is rooted in offline operations. The selling terminal, involving many procedures such as car examination, vehicle plate registration and tax payment, is dependent on franchisers and 4S suppliers. Therefore, they have more connection and the initiative in respect of consumers.

How to help brands get the initiative on consumers while empowering franchisers to gain a win-win situation is the barrier that BYD and Baozun need to face and break down.

As for the answer to this question, with the concept of new retail continuing to mature, every company has found her own position. Chen Xiaolei, the General Manager Assistant of BYD once said in an interview, “E-commerce platform is more than a marketing channel, which can also provide franchisers with marketing support. So e-commerce platform and franchisers are not in a competitive relationship, but rather complimentary.”

The decision-making journey for car consumers is complex and lengthy. Thus, O2O pattern is obviously the solution to break down this barrier where it has a closed loop for the whole-purchasing process through completely linking online and offline; help franchisers lower inventory pressure and supplement the traditional marketing channels with consumer experience and guidance through marketing; and obtain and accumulate more full-link data for brands.

With fully understanding of this insight, Baozun customized the first O2O system for BYD auto netrepreneur in the whole industry as the first phase of their cooperation. Based on this system, Baozun helped BYD connect all online e-commerce channels including Tmall, BYD e-buy mall, and BYD Wechat mall as well as over 400 offline 4S stores in cooperation. With the connection of all channels and all-link trace of consumers, platforms, brand owners and franchiser can coordinate with each other to improve online and offline businesses and realize a win-win situation.

BYD project leader in Baozun introduced, “This O2O system is able to help BYD filter and categorize all sales leads or user information gathered from all platforms, and automatically distribute related information to net-granted franchisers in real time. So the related principals can conduct real-time tracking and feedback of all sales leads. And then they accumulate all data about transaction information to realize Omni-channel closed-loop management. In this way, 4S stores can achieve intelligent and mobile management.”

Take this June 18 as an example. Tmall flagship store got over 50,000 orders in just one day, exceeding the total sales of BYD Tmall flagship store in the first half year of 2017. It became TOP 1 among all auto catalogs during June 18 sales promotion. This online-and-offline coordination even created a new one-day sales record of new energy cars all over the world by selling 3264 cars on that day. And in the case of not participating in pre-sale in October, a total of 13,765 vehicles were delivered during the double 11, which attracted much attention in the industry.

Taking the second place of vehicle sales, how did “MAX Happy Car Shopping Season” rock the Double 11?

With large-scale investment of 1.111 billion RMB in the Double 11 Shopping Festival, “MAX Happy Car Shopping Season” of BYD built with the help of Baozun came in sincerity. All the three platforms worked together providing grand gifts to car consumers.

Three new types of five-star safety SUV -- Song, Yuan, and S7 were sold at half price, giving everyone a big surprise. As the leading fuel BYD SUV, Song MAX became a model brand of “easy to handle and easy to buy” with the advantages including 100,000 RMB budget, automatic control and five-star safety. On November 11, when Tmall flagship store and e-buy mall began selling, tens of thousands of consumers rushed out to snap up. Just in 0.001 seconds, all cars in Tmall platform were sold out. Hundreds of large vouchers were gone even within 5 seconds.

The gelivable and rhythmical activities at home and abroad as well as the marketing to deeply explore consumers’ itch point paved the way for the explosive sales of over 0.59 billion RMB in the Omni-channel e-commerce of BYD. What is worth noting is that BYD e-buy mall constructed and operated by Baozun also made a great success in flow and popularity comparable to those in Tmall. We can say that BYD launched promotion on all fronts.

Meanwhile, since its release Song MAX -- as an epoch-making vehicle model has earned explosive response in the market by virtue of its affordable price, super-brilliant look and excellent product strength. It has sold like hot cakes. Having gained insights into consumers’ needs, BYD launched the game of “prioritized pick-up of Song MAX at the price of 99 yuan” in Tmall, which was greeted with fervent enthusiasm by consumers. Thousands of consumers and millions of audiences of the live-streaming program moved their glow sticks for it.

On November 11, when over 160 billion express packages were still stuck somewhere on the way, the lucky customer -- Mr. Zhang already enjoyed the fast delivery of Song MAX that far outperformed all others. On the morning of November 11, Mr. Zhang ordered a Song MAX in the BYD Tmall flagship store. And then the new car was just delivered right in front of his house in Hangzhou at noon. Therefore, it became the first car at on the Double 11. Baozun arranged a live-broadcasting platform for BYD to televise the whole process, following the first Song MAX delivered to the consumer’s home. It attracted 3.34 million views.

The legend is still going on. Double 11 is just a beginning. The blue ocean of automobile e-commerce will go beyond everyone’s expectations and imagination. In the first year of the New Retail era, we witnessed the Omni-channel integration of BYD with the help of Baozun. The empowerment of intelligentization, big data, Omni-channel, and integrated marketing in the future may bring us a new wonder.