Differed from a fundamental operation service, Baozun is more about a business partner to brand e-commerce. We designate dedicated operation team for each brand, keep adopting harvest like data analytics, BI and AI from our technology and innovation team, oriented to business results and take the responsibility of sales performance. Our operation service covers a full range of channels including platform stores (like Tmall, JD, Redbook and Amazon), brand online stores, WeChat stores and O2O. Our operation is deployed to consumer lifecycle (People), merchandising (Products) and scenarios (Place) and the integration in between, to ensure seamless and consistent consumer experience and high operation efficiency.

As the first mover, Baozun has intensive experiences of more than ten years in brand e-commerce. Our understanding of the local greater China market, daily store/site operations, campaigns/promotions and backend integration are all in a clear leading position. The technology DNA drives our innovations and development of a series of automated operational tools, covers elements like master data maintenance, visual design, product display, promotion management, order processing, return and refund, reporting and analysis, thus improves the operation efficiency.

We are the expert in sales-oriented marketing and leading practitioner of brand and marketing integration. We delve into customer behavior data in various circumstances by taking brand business strategy as starting point and the development of the customer life cycle as target. With big data as core and salable ideas as weapons, we provide seamless and Omni-close-loop experience for consumers, and make brand customers life cycle continue to grow and thrive.

Our digital marketing team has over 100 employees in five core departments: media planning/buying, social and content marketing, creative development and consumer data center. We aim to provide Omni-marketing services for brand customers that range from strategy output to implementation.

Technology is our DNA and the cornerstone of future retail business.

Baozun Technology Center offers Omni-channeled, End-to-end B2C digital commerce solutions and related services. These solutions and services cover various consumer touch-points, such as online marketplace, brand official online stores, mobile websites and apps, WeChat and screens in physical stores, while support marketing, IT application, integration and service, sales operation, customer service, warehouse and logistics, and ensure stable, efficient, safe and flexible one-stop services for the market.

Baozun founding team had dedicated in cross-over practices of technology and retail for many year before Baozun was founded. After the commencement of Baozun business and 10 years of continuous investments, now we have more than 400 engineers in our technology center and developed a full suite of proprietary solutions including the official online store, Nebula+, and Omni-Channel tool, Shop-dog. Technology applications support business execution and technology innovation lead business forward. Our technology and innovation team will keep empowering the future business with instrumental contribution.

As distinct from such traditional concepts as customer care, after-sales service and call centers, Baozun Customer Service is a new-generation integrated customer service capabilities for brand e-commerce business. In addition to satisfying customer consultation, after-sales service requirements and complaints processing in the general sense, today’s customer service is fully integrated into the entire consumer journey and engagement, like providing real-time online shopping assistance. These features empower brands for direct consumer facing from customer service perspective.

Baozun’s customer service capabilities are multi-leveled. As the first level, Baozun arranges dedicated customer service team for each brand to serve brand’s official online mall and platform online stores (such as Tmall, Jingdong, WeChat), providing consumers with shopping guide, information consultation, order tracking and after-sales support services. Exclusive service ensures that the service team has professionalism in each brand attribute, product characteristic and related process; safeguards the consumer experience; conveys brand message; and protects brand image; second, Baozun exercises centralized management over the customer service team. The measures such as unified management system, systematic performance management, standardized training, service quality tracking and monitoring and customer complaints management mechanism make customer service management more simple, fair and effective, thus optimizing the overall online operation. At the same time, the unified management mechanism facilitates coordination of resources, and balances sales seasons, ensuring maximum utilization.

As we continue to invest in technology, customer service also incorporates more and more scientific and technological elements. Through the introduction of systems such as customer relationship management (CRM) and customer experience management (CEM), as well as analysis of consumer feedback, we provide more targeted advice and solutions to brands and consumers. Through professional training supported by tools and data , we have significantly improved the level of automation, communication efficiency and inquiry-to-sales conversion rate. By leveraging its data and experience amassed over the years, coupled with technology and innovation, Baozun will consistently give new content to our customer service and improve the customer service quality and experience.

Baotong E-Logistics, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Baozun, has developed into a comprehensive supply chain company. It has built over 270,000 square meters logistic center and the business has covered the whole area of China including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. In particularly, Baotong Yongding center has been put into use from 2016, as the first batch of automated logistics center, it represents the best operated digital warehouse in China right now.

Baotong has independently developed a supply chain management system, which represents its outstanding stability and efficiency in large-scale promotions as the Double-11 sales. The system has been widely applied to brand supply chain systems, and is highly appraised by various brand. At the same time, through strategic alliance with leading logistics companies, we are able to provide one stop supply chain services for over a hundred world famous brands across eight categories.