E-Commerce Technology


Our brand store platform provides robust integration options, flexibility, and dependability across all site transactional functions:

  • Streamlines all-site management under one console (SiteManager)
  • Robust SCM that includes OMS, WMS, BI, and CRM in one seamless ecosystem
  • Supports system integration with external systems such as your brand ERP, third party warehouses and logistics providers
  • Supports all major Chinese payment gateways, including Alipay, UnionPay, Tenpay, Paypal, e-banking (credit and debit card options) with major banks, and COD


Baozun’s brand store platform, Nebula 5.0, is currently in its fifth iteration as we continue to improve and introduce new functionality, many times in answer to client suggestion and needs.

Our flexible templates for landing, category, and product pages have powerful built in features that include:

  • Multi-product view;
  • Zoom and full-page zoom;
  • Multiple filtering functions;
  • Quickbuy;
  • Ratings and reviews;
  • Cross-sell options;
  • Other suggested products;
  • Product bundling and outfit pages; and
  • Other features.

Using our custom content management system (CMS) tools you can edit and build a variety of components across your brand site as well as manage promotions.


Our page builder tool allows you to create a page from scratch in a variety of pre-determined templates for special announcements, promotions, and events. Simply upload images, text, and other media, designate links, and publish.


Many of our page templates feature content spots for special offers or advertisements that is centrally controlled through this module.

With the Promotion Engine, easily set and manage multiple promotions across your site, from discounts, bundled specials, promotion codes, free shipping, and other activity. The Promotion Engine also allows you to create parameters around specific products that are affected by a promotion, directly updating a sale price on the product detail page.


Baozun’s highly customizable set of interfaces allows us to connect to nearly every system at any point in the ordering and fulfillment process. Even when Baozun does not manage the fulfillment process, we offer great incremental value to clients who use their own or third-party warehousing and fulfillment services. Our comprehensive order management system can integrate into a variety of other systems, ensuring greater inventory accuracy and sellable stock availability.

Baozun’s system infrastructure operates at a high availability or “never fail” service level at 99.95%. Not only have we developed the infrastructure on high availability strategies such as hot-standby and replication, we follow a stringent system maintenance process:

  • Pre-defined contingency plans
  • Monitoring & self recovery scripts
  • Immediate issue notification by SMS and email
  • Escalation response based on issue priority

We also create a threat analysis and mitigation plan for each individual brand site based on the OWASP’s top ten threats that are updated each year. The physical servers are secured in an isolated, CCTV monitored and access controlled environment, given periodic penetration tests to ensure an high level of incident-free security.


Baozun’s data warehouse tracks and stores information from two sources: the front-end brand site and mobile site, and our back-end SCM systems. Together, we use this information to provide invaluable analysis provided through a variety of available reports, including:

  • Sales report
  • Abandoned shopping cart report
  • Most viewed product report
  • Most ordered items report
  • Search terms report
  • Product reviews report
  • Coupon usage report
  • Refund and exchange report

We tailor our reporting to each brand’s requirements and business needs, along with conclusions and insights drawn by the Store Manager responsible for the daily operation of your store.