Technology Service

Baozun founding team had dedicated in cross-over practices of technology and retail for many year before Baozun was founded. After over 10 years of continuous investments, now we have more than 400 engineers in our technology center.

Technology applications support business execution and technology innovation leads business forward. Our technology and innovation team will keep empowering the future business with instrumental contribution.

Technology is our DNA and the cornerstone of future retail business. 

Service scope

Not only can Baozun provide basic IT services for brands including official online stores construction and order data analysis, but it can also help brands to achieve Omni-channel retail with a full range of technical support.

「Omni-channel」IT technical support of Baozun

  • Customized user experience design

  • Self-owned online stores construction and touch-point development

  • Supply chain management of all channels

  • Tools and services development of off-line stores

  • Business intelligence and data visualization services

Core competitiveness

Baozun Technology Center offers Omni-channeled, End-to-end B2C digital commerce solutions and related services. These solutions and services cover various consumer touch-points so as to ensure stable, efficient, safe and flexible one-stop services for the market.


  • High-standard basic service provider
  • High-available systems
  • Disaster recovery planning based on demands
  • Standard emergency response flow


  • Security governance of infrastructure
  • Security isolation of network systems
  • Safe storage and encryption transmission of sensitive data
  • Countermeasures for common threats (OWASP Top 10)
  • Continuous safety tracking and improvement


  • SOA system
  • Service and support expansion


  • Templated customization
  • Modulized development

Featured tools

After the commencement of Baozun business, we have developed a full suite of proprietary solutions including the official online store Nebula+, Omni-Channel tool SHOPDOG, Omni-marketing product SHOPCAT, Baozun OMS4.0 and warehouse management system.


The best independent e-commerce solutions for brands


  • Complete and rich official online store functions to quickly build up e-commerce systems


Smart management tool for O2O


  • Seamless connections among online and offline products, inventory and orders


Omni-marketing assistant for companies


  • Provide accurate persona based on brand advertising, content marketing, online and offline activity data as well as multi-dimensional analysis of big data of consumers in all channels, and guide front-end marketing activities for brands.

Baozun OMS4.0

OMS system of all channels


  • Integrating multi-platforms to achieve centralized automatic processing
  • Intelligent analysis and man-made processing of exception orders
  • Flexible expansion of complex businesses covering all industries

Baozun WMS

Highly moderate warehouse management system


  • Flexible adaptation to business needs, multi-parameters, algorithms and process configuration

Excellent Cases

Since our company was founded, Baozun Technology Center rooted in technology has continued to build complete and efficiency e-commerce solutions in line with customer needs for brands.


Help brands achieve true Omni-channel new retail


  • While the emergence of Internet e-commerce had eliminated the information gap between brands and consumers, customer flow of offline stores continued to decline.


  • Overdeveloped commercial real estate;
  • Diversified consumption patterns of young people;
  • Fierce competition of domestic mid-end apparel industry.


  • Take advantage of the brand’s customer resource and operational experience; Fully open up online and offline channels to achieve Omni-channel retail through front-end application and internal core system of Shop-dog.

Final results

  • We emptied the stock of out-of-season goods; solved brand’s problems such as long delivery time to remote areas, high cost of centralized distribution and online resource shortage in large-scale activities; and helped brands to achieve true Omni-channel new retail.

The case of MICHAEL KORS——Official online store

Construct unified online and offline shopping experience for brands


MICHAEL KORS hadn’t opened its development path in China and also suffered a bottleneck period due to the impact of e-commerce.


  • The brand was a newcomer in the Chinese market and its offline boutiques coverage was limited;
  • Offline goods was relatively simple and couldn’t meet individual needs;
  • Consumers showed special preference to online shopping so that store customer flow was declining.


  • Establish operation flow for the brand’s Chinese official online boutique;
  • Optimize the brand unified connection of online and offline products;
  • Enrich ways of payment and distribution;
  • Build a unified member management system.

Final results

  • MK China’s official online boutique was launched;
  • online and offline shopping experience was unified;
  • and the larger market in lack of offline boutiques was affected and sales radiated.